5 Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

hot stone massag5 Benefits of Hot Stone Massagee
Massage Therapy

You can’t escape busy times and stressful events but you can make life easier by finding ways to relax, despite those demands. A hot stone massage is an easy way to give yourself a dose of self-care that leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

A hot stone massage follows the same principles of Swedish massage, whose healing effects have been documented since ancient times. When your therapist also places heated stones on your body, these warm up your muscles and that leads to deep relaxation.

5 Benefits of Hot Stone Massage:

  1. Relief from pain and soreness – Studies indicate that massage therapy eases low back pain, muscle aches, pain after surgery and provides immediate relief for cancer patients with moderate-to-severe pain.
  2. Stress reduction – This probably won’t surprise you, but one study showed a 15-minute massage therapy break at work reduces stress better than a 15-minute break without massage.
  3. Better sleep – Massage therapy helps adults with insomnia and babies sleep better. This might sound like a miracle, but it’s supported by research.
  4. Improved immunity – Your immune system keeps you healthy despite exposure to germs and this study shows that even one Swedish massage boosts immunity.
  5. Muscle relaxation without the pressure – Some people enjoy a ‘no pain, no gain’ approach to massage but it’s not for everyone. In a hot stone massage, less pressure is needed for deep muscle relaxation because of the added heat. People with fibromyalgia, arthritis or other chronic pain may appreciate a lighter touch.

While some things that are ‘good for you’ feel like chores, enjoying the healing power of touch is more like a gift you give yourself.

What to expect during your hot stone massage

A common question about hot stone massage is, ‘Does it hurt?’ It doesn’t hurt because the stones aren’t heavy, they’re warmed only to a comfortable temperature and, if you prefer, larger stones may be placed on top of a sheet, rather than directly on your skin.

You can expect your hot stone massage to feel much like a Swedish massage, but warmer and even more relaxing because of this heat. The stones rest on parts of your body where your massage therapist isn’t working. Stones can be placed on your back, stomach, chest, face, hands or feet, though not all at once! Large stones are used on your torso and smaller stones are for small spaces like your cheeks and between your toes.

Doesn’t that sound relaxing?

If you’re ready for a quick escape from a hectic week, we’re here to help. To get the deep relaxation that comes with a hot stone massage, give us a call.

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