5 Reasons to Take a Break from Makeup

5 Reasons to Take a Break from Makeup
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For many women, wearing makeup is a lifelong affair that started casually and became a habit. It’s a fine habit to have, but with the natural look emerging as the next beauty trend, there’s a renewed interest in wearing little to no makeup.

There are good reasons to embrace this trend and let your natural beauty shine through.

5 reasons to take a break from makeup:

  1. Less chemical exposure – Makeup can contain carcinogenic and hormone-disrupting ingredients such as formaldehyde and parabens. Even if you don’t absorb a lot of these chemicals through makeup, you’ll benefit by eliminating one form of toxic exposure.
  2. Enhanced healing – Taking a break from a daily makeup routine gives your skin a chance to heal issues like rashes, irritation, and acne. If you’re experiencing skin problems, a week-long hiatus from makeup will help you figure out if your makeup is causing unwanted skin reactions.
  3. Increased confidence – Superficially, you may feel confident with makeup. But real confidence comes by sharing your true, unfiltered beauty with the world. If ditching makeup helps you embrace your true self—faults and all—you’ll feel good, from the inside out.
  4. More time – How often have you needed 20 minutes to ‘put your face on’? Without a makeup ritual, you’ll just need one minute to pinch your cheeks, apply some moisturizing lip balm, and hit the road!
  5. More money – While you might not go for $70 tubes of lipstick, makeup is expensive! Imagine how much money you’d have in your savings account or spa fund if you stopped spending on makeup for a year.

If going entirely makeup free doesn’t appeal to you but you like that natural look, you can simply lighten up your makeup routine. You’ll get the look you want and enjoy many of the benefits associated with a makeup-free life.

How to adopt a light and fresh makeup routine:

  • Choose healthy skin care products that use natural ingredients
  • Remove your makeup every night with a gentle cleanser before you moisturize
  • Use a tinted moisturizer so you’ll always have a healthy glow
  • Do more with less makeup – you’ll be most beautiful when you enhance your natural features, instead of spackling over so-called flaws

Even if you’re ready for a different approach and look, changing how you do your makeup can be scary and overwhelming. Take your time and research your options. You can start by watching some how-to videos from mature internet beauty bloggers. Or talk to a trusted Esthetician, makeup artist, or cosmetologist about how to highlight your natural beauty.

We’re here to help. If you’d like to start your new beauty routine with a clean slate, give us a call to book a rejuvenating facial.

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