COVID-19 and Flu Protection and FAQS

COVID-19 and Flu Protection at the Spa

There is nothing more important to us than our customer’s safety and well-being. For this reason, we have reviewed our standard disease-control processes and have revisited and enhanced these practices and protocols.

What steps are Hand & Stone spas taking to prevent the spread of the Flu and COVID-19 to customers?

These are just some of the steps that we are taking:

  • Thoroughly wiping down all service rooms and tools with approved hospital-grade or Health Canada’s registered disinfectants and cleaning supplies.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting all washrooms and common areas every hour at a minimum.
  • Service providers will wear gloves during services upon the client’s request.
  • Service providers will wear a mask during services upon the client’s request.  
  • Service providers may ask clients to wear a mask if the service provider feels it would be beneficial for both themselves and/or the client.
  • Requiring all staff members to pass a Spa Sanitation & Illness Prevention course and performing a practical assessment to ensure they follow the strict guidelines we enforce, including proper handwashing.
  • All linens continue to be single service use only.
  • A contact-lite transaction process including digital forms.

What precautions should customers take?

We request the cooperation of our entire community in maintaining a safe spa environment so we urge anyone that has mild cold or flu-like symptoms to follow the advice of health officials and stay home while sick to help protect others. Should you need to cancel your appointment, please contact us immediately.

Are your service providers required to wear masks during services?

With the changes in the provincial guidelines, staff are no longer required to wear masks.  Should you wish that your service provider wear a mask, please ask, they’ll be happy to do so.  

Are customers to wear a mask during a service?

Clients are not required to wear a mask during the service but of course, you are welcome to do so if you wish.

Can you be declined service if you are exhibiting symptoms?

If you have symptoms, health officials encourage you to contact public health and to isolate for 5-10 days (depending on your vaccination status) avoiding contact with others. For the safety of everyone, our licensed service providers are permitted to decline service to any customer exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms and will reschedule your appointment.  

We appreciate your concern and cooperation and Hand & Stone will continue to monitor the situation and take additional measures if or when they become necessary to ensure the safety of our customers and our staff.