The Beauty Benefits of Facial Steamers

The Beauty Benefits of Facial Steamers

Facial steaming is a hot beauty trend that’s simple, effective, and enjoyable. Unlike complicated and time-consuming beauty tricks that require an entire lifestyle overhaul, the facial steamer is easy to incorporate into your skincare routine.

What is a facial steamer?

A facial steamer is a small appliance that sprays a warm, fine mist of steam onto your face and neck. It’s the high-tech version of holding your face over a bowl of hot water. Facial steamers are a popular beauty accessory and it’s easy to find one that fits your needs and budget.

4 benefits of using facial steamers in your beauty routine:

  1. Firmer-looking skin – The heat from the steam increases blood flow to your face and neck which promotes production of collagen and elastin.
  2. Acne prevention – Steaming makes it easier to wipe away hardened dirt and oil trapped in your pores. This deep cleanse keeps blackheads and other types of acne at bay.
  3. Beautifully-hydrated skin – After a facial steamer routine, your skin is prepared for maximizing the hydration power of your serum or moisturizer.
  4. Less stress – A steamer is a great opportunity to induce a relaxation response and relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. Sit back and relax into a 15-minute self-care

Most people can enjoy these benefits once or twice a week. If you have sensitive skin or rosacea, facial steams could irritate your skin so talk to your esthetician or dermatologist before trying this treatment or investing in a facial steamer.

5 steps to a perfect facial steam session:

  1. Clean your face and neck as usual
  2. Enjoy the steam for 10-12 minutes
  3. Exfoliate using a facecloth or gentle scrub
  4. Rinse your face and neck with cool water
  5. Lock in the hydration with your favourite serum or moisturizer

If you have more time, you can add a facial mask after exfoliating to make the most of your steam session. Your pores will thank you!

Deciding which skincare trends are right for you isn’t always easy but you don’t have to figure it out all by yourself.

We’re here to help you navigate these trends so you can look and feel your best. If you’d like to complement your at-home beauty routine with the spa experience, give us a call to book a rejuvenating facial or a Swedish massage.

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