At Home Self Myofascial Release Tips

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At Home Self Myofascial Release Tips

We all know that having regular massages can help relieve stress and promote relaxation. Did you know massages can also improve flexibility? One of the ways it does this through a technique called myofascial release – a stretching technique used to slowly release tension and pressure in all tissue layers of the body from the skin down through the muscles.

While you’re still waiting to see your favourite Massage Therapist, you can achieve this same flexibility at home, with these easy-to-follow self-myofascial release exercises*:

Back: Place a foam roller on the ground while slowly and gently rolling your upper and middle back on top of it. This allows your muscles and connective tissue to stretch into a more upright posture.

Neck and Shoulders: Place a ball on the ground under your shoulders or neck. Then, slowly stretch your neck and arms. You should be able to feel the muscles and fascia stretch where you feel the ball.

Hip Flexors: Lay down on your stomach in the push-up position, leaving your hips on the ground. With your arms, gently lift your shoulders and chest off the ground.

IT Band: Place a fascial release tool such as a foam roller or ball on the floor and place it under the side of your leg. Roll the tool from your hip to the side of your knee. Then switch to the other side.

Follow these great at-home exercises to tide you over until we can see you again.


*Before performing these exercises, consult with your doctor.