3 Reasons to Add Yoga to Your Self-Care Routine

3 Reasons to Add Yoga to Your Self-Care Routine
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Yoga is everywhere—and for good reason. Did you know that regularly doing yoga reduces stress, inflammation, and even chronic pain? If that sounds like the kind of relief you’re looking for, consider adding yoga to your health & wellness routine.

But first, what is yoga?

Yoga is a form of active meditation that leaves you refreshed and limber. It’s a mind-body practice that can benefit everyone, whether you’re an athlete, a mom chasing after kids, or a senior citizen.

3 physical and mental benefits of practicing yoga:

  1. Improved mental health – Yoga is associated with a reduction in anxiety, depression and overall stress levels. No wonder so many women are flocking to this invigorating and restorative practice!
  2. Increased strength and balance – Yoga is considered bodyweight training because many poses require lifting weight—your own. Increased strength and balance means you’re less likely to fall and injure yourself—on or off the yoga mat.
  3. Better sleep – Harvard Health reports that yoga practitioners experience improved sleep. Yoga can even help manage chronic insomnia.

There are many types of yoga, so everyone can find a beneficial yoga practice. This is wonderful, but with so many options it can be hard to know where to start. We recommend starting slowly and choosing a type of yoga based on what you’d like to achieve or do. If you’ve been sedentary for a while or you have any medical concerns, get some personalized advice from a certified yoga instructor and/or talk to your doctor.

Here’s a quick way to choose a yoga practice based on your goals or interests:

  • To relax or gently address chronic aches and pains – Try restorative, Iyengar, Hatha, Yin, or Anusara yoga.
  • To exercise – Try Vinyasa, Kundalini or Ashtanga yoga—the most vigorous physical practices. If you’re new to yoga poses, you may want to start with a relaxation style to learn the moves first.
  • To sweat a lot – Try hot yoga—also called Bikram—but don’t start here, especially if you’ve got a medical condition. This is 90 minutes of intense movement in a room kept at sauna conditions: hot and

If you’d like more information about each of these yoga styles before getting started, read this simple guide to yoga.

Whatever type of yoga you decide to try, you’ll feel great about taking care of your mind and body. If yoga is new to you—and especially if you start with a vigorous yoga style—you may end up with muscle soreness after the first session or two.

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