Decompression Cupping Therapy

20 Dollar Upgrade

Introducing Decompression Therapy at Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa; our version of cupping therapy.

Decompression Cupping Therapy is a reverse compression technique that works to help improve circulation and relieve muscle discomfort.

Aromatic organic essential oils are used to rebalance and restore wellbeing. Our signature glide technique helps avoid red cupping marks on your skin.

decompression therapy

Potential Decompression Cupping Therapy benefits include:

  • Circulation improvement
  • Muscle discomfort relief
  • Wellbeing restoration aided by aromatic organic essential oils
  • Our signature glide technique helps minimize red marks on your skin

What is Decompression Cupping Therapy?

Decompression Therapy Massage is a form of cupping therapy used to promote a release in muscle tension, increase metabolic response and encourage lymphatic flow through the tissues. These effects are achieved using silicone cups, gliding continuously, creating negative pressure in the tissues, without leaving the classic red marks on the skin. As a full body treatment or mini treatment, experience a procedure that will increase blood circulation to the tissues, rejuvenate deeper tissues without the pressure and enhance your therapeutic treatment.

decompression therapy
* $20 upgrade added onto a 25 minute, 50 minute or 80 minute massage. Available at participating spas only.