How to Protect your Skin During Harsh, Cold Winters

How to Protect your Skin During Harsh, Cold Winters

Winter weather can be delightful, but dry skin sure is frightful. Dry skin is more common in the winter because the air is less humid than during warmer months and dry air causes your skin to lose moisture more easily. Fortunately, you can reduce the occurrence of flakey skin by making a few simple changes to your skin care routine.

But you may wonder, ‘Is dry skin really so bad?’ While it’s less of a winter health hazard than falling through river ice in January, dry skin can lead to redness and itchiness, and it can cause discomfort and even make you look older.

But you don’t have to put up with any of that! Glowing skin is possible, even on the chilliest days.

4 ways to reduce dry skin in winter:

  1. Take cooler and shorter showers – Though a hot shower is comforting, it dries out your skin by washing away your skin’s natural oils that keep moisture in. Try warm showers that last less than 10 minutes.
  2. Moisturize with zeal – Moisturizing is important all year round but expect to moisturize more frequently during winter to keep the dry skin at bay. Moisturizing damp skin works better than applying moisturizer on dry skin.
  3. Avoid harsh soaps or chemicals – Products with artificial scents and antibacterial agents can dry out your skin. Use moisturizing soaps made with natural ingredients and lather up less—while there are certain smelly areas that need soap, consider skipping the soap or soaping lightly on most of your body. If your shins tend to get dry, see what happens if you don’t use soap on them.
  4. Use a humidifier – You can’t do anything about the dry outside air, but you can make your home more comfortable with a humidifier. Harvard Health suggests setting your humidifier to 60% to keep the top layer of skin hydrated.

You’re off to a good start with these four tips but there’s one more essential strategy for winter moisturizing: go thick.

Choose creams and oils to keep your skin hydrated in winter  

Since dry air encourages dry skin, it’s important to create a robust moisture barrier during the cold months. You can do this by trading your lotions for oils or creams. Oil-based products like petroleum jelly, mineral or coconut oil keep dry skin at bay but may leave you feeling a little greasy. If you prefer a dry-skin treatment that’s more easily absorbed, use thick creams instead.

Dry air is inevitable in the winter but dry skin doesn’t have to be. If you’d like a luxurious moisturizing facial to help you look and feel your best this winter, give us a call.

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