Different Types of Massage

Massage Therapy

Below find the different types of Massage Therapy Available – this is often to referred to  Massage Modalities.

Deep Tissue
Deep tissue massage focuses on realigning the deeper layers of muscles within the body. It’s mainly used for chronic conditions. The techniques are the same as Swedish massage but the movement is much slower and the pressure is deeper and concentrated.

Sports Massage
Sports massage is use specifically for pre-event, inter-event or post-event settings. Different massage and stretching modalities are applied to achieve certain responses, either stimulating or relaxing. Sports massage can be used to greatly benefit the outcome of athletes of all types.

Prenatal Massage
Prenatal is tailored for the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies. All massage therapists in Ontario are trained in prenatal massage. The main goal is to decrease aches and swelling that accompany pregnancy. The prenatal massage is mainly performed in a side-lying position unless the therapist has a pregnancy table that is designed with a hole for the belly and breasts.

Relaxation Massage
Relaxation massage is generally found in spa type settings where the client does not have a condition to treat. The focus is on relaxation, therefore the techniques are mainly long soothing movements with mild to moderate pressure.

Therapeutic Massage
If you have a specific complaint that you would like focused on then a therapeutic massage is what you will need. All Registered Massage Therapists are trained for this type of treatment and can be found in multi-disciplinary clinics with other health care professionals as well as spas.

Written by:
Domenic J. Falvo R.M.T.
Hand & Stone Barrie

Domenic has been practicing massage therapy for over 18 years in all types of clinic and spa environments. Having done so he has acquired and abundance of therapeutic skill sets incorporating deep tissue massage, shiatsu, acupressure, advanced joint mobilizations, remedial exercise and hydrotherapy into the ideally seasoned massage therapy experience. Domenic also has training in clinical acupuncture, progressive facial manipulation and reflexology that is also fused into his treatment.
Domenic prefers to focus on the cause of underlying issues rather than treating the symptoms alone, which is proven more effective in the long run for client health. Although treating all types of acute and chronic injuries is Domenic’s main focus, he is seamlessly able to perform general relaxation massage with ease.