Beautiful Skin! No Sweat!

Beautiful Skin! No Sweat!
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Sweating is a natural and essential bodily function. It happens when the weather is hot, or when you’re hot because you’re enjoying healthful pursuits like exercise and the sauna.

But sweat can also wreak havoc on your complexion, especially in the summer when it’s hard to avoid the heat and what seems like continuous sweating. Your skin may respond to the heat and sweat with breakouts, irritation and clogged pores. Or it just may not be glowing like usual.

By making a few adjustments to your skin care routine, you can keep your complexion clear between facials, even when life involves heatwaves, intense exercise, vigorous hobbies, or night sweats.

The good and bad news about sweating and your skin

The guiding principle is this: sweating is good for you but sitting around in your dried sweat has no benefits and can lead to skin troubles.

If you’re hot, you can’t help sweating. But you can keep fresh and have radiant skin, even in the sweatiest of situations.

6 ways to keep your skin glowing, despite the heat

  1. Wash your face before and after sweating – You probably wash your face after it gets sweaty but add a pre-sweating wash to your routine for better results. A cleaner face means less gunk gets into your pores as they open up while you’re sweating.
  2. Cut down on your make-up – Similarly, a lighter touch with your make-up means less product in your pores, and they will thank you.
  3. Exfoliate regularly – This removes the invisible dead skin that can clog pores and keep your skin looking dull.
  4. Change your clothes – There’s no need to sit around in drying sweat that’s mixing with the bacteria on your skin longer than necessary. Wash it off, moisturize and get into some dry, breathable clothes as soon as possible.
  5. Give bangs a break – If your forehead becomes a trouble zone in the heat, tie back your hair. Hair can trap grease and dirt—not what you want resting against your skin all day!
  6. Carry a face-washing survival kit with you – Keep some facial wipes and a travel-sized moisturizer in your purse so freshening up on the go is a breeze.

And no matter the cause of sweating or time of year, drink your water! Staying hydrated regulates your body temperature, helps you feel energized, and keeps your skin looking great.

If it’s time to complement your home skin-care routine with the professional touch, call us to talk about what kind of facial is right for your skin type.

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