4 Ways to Relieve Sinus Congestion with the Power of Water

4 Ways to Relieve Sinus Congestion

During cold, flu, and allergy seasons, it’s common to feel clogged, congested, and tired of breathing through your mouth. Today, we want to tell you about four hydrotherapy treatments you can try at home.

4 ways to relieve sinus congestion naturally

  1. Take a hot foot bath

A hot foot bath helps draw congestion away from your head, while soothing your body overall. After you fill your foot bath with hot water, wrap yourself in a blanket, sit in a comfortable chair and immerse your feet in the soothing hot water. You can also put a cold face cloth over your face to stimulate your body’s circulatory system. Enjoy the foot bath for 10 minutes and get up slowly as you may experience dizziness from the blood rushing to your feet during the foot bath.

  1. Flush your sinuses with a neti pot

The neti pot is a small vessel used to flush out your sinuses so you can breathe more easily. Fill the pot with warm distilled water and, standing over the sink, put one end of the pot in one nostril while leaning your head back. The water should travel through your sinuses and come out the other nostril into the sink. While it may seem like a strange procedure, WebMD indicates that nasal irrigation with a neti pot is safe.

  1. Relax with a cold compress on your belly

A belly cold compress is a great way to ease head congestion and help you sleep better too. Put a hand towel in a basin of cold water with three or four ice cubes. Wring the towel out thoroughly, lie down on your bed, and apply the cold towel to your belly. Drape a large, dry towel on top of the cold compress (to catch escaping drops of water) and then cover yourself with enough blankets to feel cozy. Rest under your blankets for 10 minutes, and don’t worry if you fall asleep because that’s the best part!

  1. Get steamy

Increased humidity can help thin the mucus in your sinuses which is why steamy solutions provide relief for clogged noses. For immediate relief, take a hot shower, or do a facial steamer for 10 to 12 minutes. To enjoy the benefits of humidity all day, use a humidifier at home. Air can feel dry, especially in winter, and humidifiers create a more comfortable environment, which may even help you sleep better.

Sinus congestion is no fun but, as always, we’re here to help you look and feel your best. If you’d like to breathe easily while relaxing in a spa environment, give us a call to book a Swedish massage, a mini cold stone face massage, and a hot towel foot treatment.

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