Young at Heart: Anti-Aging Lifestyle and Skin Care Strategies

Young at Heart: Anti-Aging Lifestyle and Skin Care Strategies
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They say youth is wasted on the young. This folk wisdom may not ring true until the day you notice unwanted changes to your skin texture and tone. Aging skin can mean dryness, thinning, wrinkles and loss of firmness. If you’re lucky, you won’t see these changes until your mid-thirties or beyond.

You can’t change your past skin care routine or hereditary factors but you can take control of the everyday habits that contribute to healthy, glowing skin as you travel gracefully through your mature years.

Lifestyle upgrades for beautiful skin at any age

For a time, it can be easy to resist things that are ‘good for you.’ But when those same things are the difference between looking haggard and being happy with what you see in the mirror, vanity can spur you towards a healthier lifestyle.

5 steps to an anti-aging lifestyle

  1. Protect your skin from the sunThe Cleveland Clinic suggests the best way to avoid wrinkles is by avoiding the sun – so use sunscreen regularly and say no to tanning beds.
  2. Sleep well – It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing. Sleeping 7-8 hours a night reduces inflammation (a significant factor in virtually all age-related issues), keeps your cortisol levels in check, and improves brain function.
  3. Nourish your skin from the inside out – Stay hydrated and eat life-enhancing real food like healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, etc.), vegetables, and protein (the macro nutrient that builds your skin).
  4. Stop smoking – You know all the health reasons for quitting but maybe the desire to avoid those tell-tale wrinkles around your mouth will help you give smoking the heave-ho for good.
  5. Stress less – Chronic stress causes premature aging and is harmful to your mental, physical and emotional health. Sophia Loren, at 81-years-old, shared her beauty secret on the Today Show in only two words: “I’m happy.”

But don’t stop there. You can enhance your anti-aging lifestyle by using a few simple strategies at home and at the spa.

4 anti-aging skin care strategies

  1. Moisturize regularly – While your younger self may have moisturized sporadically, your mature self knows that keeping dry skin at bay is now like flossing – an essential daily task.
  2. Choose anti-aging ingredients – Moisturize with creams and lotions that plump up your skin, create a protective barrier, and support skin elasticity. Look for these anti-aging ingredients: alpha or beta hydroxy acids, emollients (e.g., shea butter, lanolin, cocoa butter), and retinols.
  3. Clear a path for your beauty creams – Exfoliate to remove dead skin, smooth out fine lines (wrinkles!), and help your skin absorb your anti-aging creams.
  4. Call in the professionals – Complement your at-home routine with specialized anti-aging treatments like facials, microdermabrasion and active peels.

You can’t turn back the clock, but you can use your accumulated wisdom to age gracefully and live a vibrant and satisfying life.

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