What is LED Skin Phototherapy?

LED Skin Phototherapy

You may think of LED lights as the newest, and most energy-efficient, lightbulbs on the market. But did you know that LED lights are used in a popular beauty treatment called LED skin phototherapy? Keep reading to find out more about this painless therapy that reduces the signs of aging.

What is LED skin phototherapy?

LED skin phototherapy is a non-invasive skincare treatment that uses light emitting diodes (LED) to heal the skin. The most common types of light therapy use blue, red, and green light. Treatment styles vary depending on which spa you visit; you will either wear an LED face mask, sit or lie under a lamp (think of a safe tanning bed for your face), or an esthetician will use an LED wand. At Hand & Stone, we use an LED wand over a customized treatment mask for LED skin phototherapy.

6 benefits of LED skin phototherapy:

Increases collagen productionRed light therapy stimulates collagen production which keeps skin healthy and elastic. As we age, collagen production slows down, and this anti-wrinkle treatment is a simple way to give it a boost naturally.

  1. Reduces scars – Blue light therapy diminishes scars, including acne scars, and reduces skin redness and inflammation.
  2. Treats psoriasis – Studies show that high-dose red and blue light therapy reduces the skin symptoms associated with psoriasis. If you have psoriasis, talk to your doctor about weekly treatments of high-dose light therapy.
  3. Prevents acne – Blue light reduces harmful bacteria on your skin which helps prevent breakouts.
  4. Promotes healing – Red light therapy is shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and promote wound healing, including sun damage.
  5. Improves skin tone – Green light therapy improves overall skin tone and prevents premature discolouration which keeps your skin looking radiant.

What is the LED skin phototherapy experience?

With so many benefits, you may wonder what this treatment feels like and why you’ve waited so long to try it! At Hand & Stone, we use LED skin phototherapy to take your skin to the next level. This treatment is action-packed and uses thermal activity to optimize the penetration and absorption of skincare products in a relaxing, spa environment. By the end of your session, you’ll feel relaxed, invigorated, and pleased with the rapid results typically associated with LED skin phototherapy treatment.

For a sneak peek at the LED skin phototherapy experience, have a look at our one-minute explainer video.

We’re here to help you find the right beauty treatments so you can look and feel your best. If you’d like to pamper yourself with a relaxing yet invigorating spa experience, give us a call to book an LED skin phototherapy facial and Swedish massage.

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