Tips for Everyday Living


1. Use a staple remover to save your fingernails when trying to add items to your key ring

2. Place a rubber band across the open top of a paint tin to wipe your brush on.  It keeps paint off the side of the can.

3. Cut open toilet paper rolls and use as a cuff to save your wrapping paper and keep it from unrolling.

4. Use a pool noodle ( the kind kids use to float with in water ) to stop them falling out of bed.  Place the noodle under the fitted sheet near the edge of the bed.

5. Use a hanging shoe rack to store cleaning supplies.

6. Try toothpaste to clear up hazy car headlights.

7. Use nail polish to identify different keys.

8. Put a stocking over the end of a vacuum to find tiny items like earrings.

9. Use a muffin tin to serve condiments at a BBQ

10. Put a wooden spoon across a boiling pot of water to stop it boiling over.

11. Use a old, clean Ketchup bottle to put pancake mix in.  Easier to pour, easy to use!

12. Using unscented dental loss is a great way to cut cakes, cheese and pastries.

13. Use a bread tab to hold your spot on a roll of tape.

14. Use your cellphone underneath a water bottle to make a lantern that distributes light better than the direct beam.

15. To stop receiving marketing emails, filter by the word “unsubscribe”

16. Put a small amount of water in a glass when you microwave pizza to keep the crust from getting chewy.

17. After popping microwave popcorn, separate the opening of the bag just enough for the unpopped kernels to fall out and shake upside down over the bowl or the trash.

18. Use a clothespin to hold a nail while hammering.

19. A frozen, saturated sponge in a freezer bag makes an icepack that won’t drip all over when it melts.

20. If you ever need to stop for directions, skip the gas station and find a pizza delivery place.