The Joys of Spring Cleaning

The Joys of Spring Cleaning

There’s no cleaning more satisfying than spring cleaning. It’s a ritual found across many cultures and religions and, according to the American Cleaning Institute, 72% of households participate in this annual event.

Even if you don’t usually get excited about chores, you may find yourself scrubbing with gusto when spring emerges. That’s because spring cleaning isn’t about chores; it’s about clearing the slate to welcome more joy into our lives.

The joys of spring cleaning include:

  • Relief – Over the winter, we accumulate layers of fleece, dirt and dust, maybe a few pounds, and junk that seems too hard to kick to the curb when it’s dark at 4:45 p.m. This accumulation can weigh us down, physically and emotionally. Decluttering our homes (and minds) lifts the burden of unwanted accumulation that sneaks up on us, one extra mitten at a time.
  • Renewal – Sometimes, we just want to start over. Though this can be done anytime, spring is the perfect time for renewal because our actions line up to our desires. We clean the house, find our flip-flops, and become more cheerful as the days grow warmer. And that feels great!
  • Beauty – Spring cleaning is more than just a boost to your psyche—it also makes your home sparkle! While your decluttered and fingerprint-free mud room may not be as divine as Michelangelo’s David, it’s still a beautiful work of art that can be appreciated at least until the kids come home.

2 ways to tackle spring cleaning

There are no rules for spring cleaning—after all, you’re the boss of your own house! But most people will take one of these approaches:

  1. Intuitive – This is when you let your spring cleaning be guided by what compels you. Gather your cleaning supplies, wet that first rag and look around. Your first spring cleaning project will appear before you and the next ones will follow just as easily. You’ll know you’re finished when you start to smile as you look at your fresh, new home.
  2. Systematic – This project starts with a comprehensive list and you scrub until the list is complete. This no-nonsense approach involves some acrobatics—cleaning the ceiling fan blades, the floor under the stove and refrigerator, and the baseboard behind the toilet will stretch your limbs and limits. You can try Martha Stewart’s spring cleaning checklist, or make your own list with this helpful spring cleaning blueprint from Clean My Space.

No matter how you choose to do your spring cleaning, you’ll feel good once it’s done. So good, you may want to reward yourself with a treat.

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