The Beauty Benefits of Saturated Fat

The Beauty Benefits of Saturated Fat

Saturated fat was once public enemy #1, but recent studies indicate that saturated fat isn’t harmful, and eating it regularly improves blood lipid profiles. We’re happy this news is out because saturated fat is a natural beauty product that keeps skin looking radiant.

The difference between saturated and unsaturated fat

There are two main types of fat: saturated and unsaturated. Saturated fat is solid at room temperature and is found in animal foods and a few plant sources. Unsaturated fat is liquid at room temperature and is primarily found in the plant world. If you’re unsure about the wisdom of eating fat, read our quick guide to fat myths.

The beauty benefits of saturated fat

Consuming saturated fat staves off dry skin, inflammation and premature aging. Our cell membranes are made of about 50% saturated fat so eating the fats we’re made of keeps them healthy. For example, beef fat—also called tallow—is structurally similar to sebum, which is the lubricating oil secreted by our skin. This could be why the old-fashioned practice of using tallow-based body moisturizers is making a comeback in some circles.

Not only does saturated fat keep your skin smooth and firm, it also tastes great and is easy to fit into your lifestyle.

3 ways to include more saturated fat in your diet

  1. Eat from the animal kingdom – Eat meat, eggs and dairy products regularly if they agree with you.
  2. Enjoy fatty plant foods – Sources of saturated fat from the plant world include coconut, cocoa butter, palm oil and palm kernel oil. Dark chocolate is mostly cocoa butter which means you can feel good about calling it health food!
  3. Sauté your favourite foods – Whether it’s shrimp, broccoli or shitake mushrooms, sautéing your side dishes in some butter, coconut oil or lard adds nutrition and

Remember that the best way to improve your health—and create glowing skin from the inside out—is by adding healthy habits and subtracting unhealthy ones. While you’re adding healthy saturated fats to your menu, consider cutting down on low-nutrient carbohydrates—also known as junk food.

Nourishing your skin with healthy and delicious foods makes mealtime an important part of your beauty routine—along with exfoliation, moisturization, and self-care, of course!

While we can’t sauté your favourite treat for dinner, we can help you celebrate taking care of your skin from the inside out. For even more self-care, give us a call to book a rejuvenating facial or Swedish massage.

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