Protecting the skin during Harsh, Cold Winters


It’s important to protect your skin during the cold winter months. We must take extra precautions to prevent excess dryness, flaking and sensitivities.

Your skin can appear extremely unhealthy and less attractive than when it’s not properly hydrated. Dehydrated and dry skin is one of the leading causes of premature aging. You may notice more fine lines and wrinkles along with a sallow and dull completion. It’s important not only to drink plenty of water, but to use a hydrating moisturizer, and a booster for maximum hydration. You must keep your skin exfoliated to allow your products to penetrate and remove the excess dry and flaky skin. Following a weekly exfoliating treatment it’s extremely beneficial to apply a hydrating mask.

Also, don’t forget about sunscreen. It’s very easy to imagine that the sun’s rays are less powerful now the days are shorter but this is far from being the case. On a bright, sunny winter’s day we can subject ourselves to a significant dose of damaging UV.

See you Skin Therapist for a professional recommendation of products.

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