Pregnancy & Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Pregnancy  & Massage Therapy: Early prenatal care is essential in a pregnancy, along with regular doctor visits, massage therapy can play a big role during a pregnancy.

If a women is planning to become pregnant, it is recommended that she build her health and strength up for as much as six months before conceiving.  Eliminating the intake of any toxins and developing a proper diet and exercise routine is very important for child development.


Any women that has ever been pregnant will tell you that your body will go threw major changes.  From my own experience at home and at work, every pregnancy is different.  Not all women will have morning sickness and not all women swell up.  I have seen women lie on their stomachs in their third trimester and I have seen them in hot tubs with no after effects.  Everyone is different.  What I am sure of is that the ones that take care of themselves are the ones that have the best pregnancies.


In my practice I see all types of pregnancies.  For my patients, I make recommendations for their daily routines and instruct some general pregnancy exercises, but not all of the treatments are the same.  Within the first and second trimester, most women will be comfortable with using pregnancy pillows.  These are a special three-piece bolstering set that gives leeway for a pronounced abdomen and breast area.  During the third trimester it is not likely that we can use these pregnancy pillows but some women can.  In these cases, the treatment is done in a side-lying position.


Although all treatments are not the same, the focus and aims are.  The benefits of pre and postnatal massage are several.  Reduced back and joint pain, improved circulation, reduced edema, reduced muscle tension, headaches, stress & anxiety and improved sleep.

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Written by:

Domenic Jason Falvo, RMT

Hand & Stone Barrie

Domenic has been practicing massage therapy for over 18 years in all types of clinic and spa environments.  Having done so he has acquired and abundance of therapeutic skill sets incorporating deep tissue massage, shiatsu, acupressure, advanced joint mobilizations, remedial exercise and hydrotherapy into the ideally seasoned massage therapy experience.  Domenic also has training in clinical acupuncture, progressive facial manipulation and reflexology that is also fused into his treatment.

Domenic prefers to focus on the cause of underlying issues rather than treating the symptoms alone, which is proven more effective in the long run for client health.  Although treating all types of acute and chronic injuries is Domenic’s main focus, he is seamlessly able to perform general relaxation massage with ease.