Pre-Event Massages for the Game of Life

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In the sporting world, athletes use pre-event massages to prepare for a competitive event. It’s typically a 15-minute session that happens at the event site, in the hour before the competition starts.

Even if competitive athletic endeavours aren’t in the calendar, this sports approach can help any of us prepare for our own big events in the game of life.

Think of your last big event and how you felt leading up to it. If your memories reveal some stress or anxiety, you may want to consider adding a pre-event massage to your game plan. For maximum benefits, we suggest going for a full massage which lasts 50 minutes.

3 benefits of a pre-event massage:

  1. Reduced stress and anxiety – A massage won’t take away all your event jitters, but studies indicate that massage therapy helps reduce anxiety symptoms.
  2. Enhanced performance – Massage therapy relieves muscle tension and reduces the likelihood of injury which lets you perform your best, both physically and mentally.
  3. Better sleep – It’s easier to face challenges when you’re rested and research shows that massage help adults (and babies) sleep better.

If you’d like to use massage therapy to help you handle big or stressful life events, now is a good time to make your game plan. Simply think about what events or situations typically make you nervous, anxious, or stressed, and schedule a massage the day before your next big event.

4 events in the game of life that benefit from stress-busting massage therapy:

  1. Family gatherings – You’ll be so relaxed your family will wonder why it’s not easy to push your buttons anymore.
  2. Work presentations – Whether it’s a job interview or a speech in front of your senior team, you’ll have fewer butterflies in your stomach to distract you.
  3. Amateur athletic pursuits – Limbering up before your next fun run, yoga marathon, or obstacle course helps prevent injuries.
  4. Visits to the principal’s office – If you don’t have time for a massage before this dreaded event, after will also work. Your kid will thank you.

We know it’s probably not possible to have a massage before every big or stressful event, especially during those times when every day brings stress! But we do know that you can take the edge off stressful times with regular self-care, including massage therapy.

We’re here to help you feel your best, no matter what challenges you face.

If the game of life is leaving you tense, anxious, or stressed, give us a call to book a rejuvenating massage and a luxurious facial.

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