Muscle knots? Pack on the Heat!

Massage Therapy

We all know a hot bath, hot water bottle or other source of heat feels good on the body.  Heat is both soothing to our sensory system but also penetrates deeply into sore, achy muscles.  Heat appears to make the soft-tissues more pliant, releasing tension, and the combination of heat and pressure by a skilled practitioner can help melt days of stressful wear-and-tear on the body.
At Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa, registered massage therapists apply heat in a variety of ways – 1) a hot towel to the feet before and after the Hot Towel Foot Exfoliation service 2) a hot towel to the face to open the sinuses and skin in the Hot Towel Cold Stone Face service and of course 3) our Hot Stone service, where basalt stones heated to just the right temperature are used in conjunction with the pressure and skill of the therapist to penetrate deeply into sore, stressed muscles.  Your therapist will exchange the stones frequently to maintain that warm application.  We also use heat via a heated thermophore on the table to warm the sheets before you undress and lay down, and we ensure the spa is kept at a warm temperature so you are most comfortable.
Heat is not always the answer to pain.  If there are any signs of inflammation – redness, warmth, swelling, pain, joint immobility and muscle spasm – you should apply ice and see your health practitioner if symptoms worsen.
Come and try one of our add-on services, and find out how much heat can make a difference to your comfort and serenity.