Massage Therapy for Mothers-To-Be

Massage Therapy for Mothers-To-Be
Massage Therapy

Pregnancy is an exciting time for many women, but it often comes with aches and pains due to progressive shifts in posture. Fortunately, massage therapy can relieve pain, reduce stress, and help you relax.

The importance of self-care for expectant mothers

Pregnancy requires a lot of energy—physical, mental, and emotional. Along with aches and pains, it brings fatigue, nausea, and indigestion. If you’re like many mothers-to-be, your existing responsibilities at home and at work don’t ease up throughout most of your pregnancy.

Though self-care helps everyone, it’s essential for expectant mothers. And, it’s a lot easier to prioritize the habit of self-care before the baby is born, than with a new baby on your hip. With regular self-care during pregnancy, you can expect to feel less stress, and more resilience and satisfaction. While there are many options for self-care therapies, we think highly of prenatal massage because it does the double duty of providing much-deserved pampering while easing discomfort.

The benefits of prenatal massage include:

  • Increased relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Reduced swelling, joint pain, headaches, and stress.
  • Improved circulation and sleep.
  • Decreased cramping and muscle spasms.

What you can expect during a prenatal massage

Massage therapy is a potent way to nurture and rejuvenate yourself and it can transform stress into bliss after only a few minutes on the table. It’s not quite the same as a regular massage so we’d like to tell you what to expect while recharging your batteries with a prenatal massage.

During your prenatal massage, pressure and other variables are adjusted to keep you comfortable. Most pregnant women in the first trimester (up to 13 weeks) can comfortably lie on the massage table face up or face down. As the pregnancy progresses into the second trimester (14 to 26 weeks) and third trimester (27 weeks to delivery), your position on the massage table may change for safety and comfort.

Women in the second and third trimesters tend to be comfortable lying on their sides and in a semi-reclining position, though some women still prefer lying on their stomachs. Whatever your position preference, we use specially designed pillows to support you and keep you comfortable during your massage.

Contraindications to massage therapy for mothers-to-be

Some medical conditions aren’t compatible with massage therapy during pregnancy. Prenatal massage is not recommended if you have uncontrolled high blood pressure, eclampsia, vaginal bleeding, sudden undiagnosed abdominal pain, and other conditions which require direct medical attention. We don’t recommend our hot stone massage during pregnancy, but it will be waiting for you after baby’s delivery!

If you don’t have any of these conditions, you’re a good candidate for prenatal massage.

We’re here to help expectant mothers relax, feel comfortable and get relief from the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. If you’d like to get some well-deserved rejuvenation in a spa environment, give us a call to book a prenatal massage.

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