How to Prolong the Self-Care Benefits of Massage Therapy

Health and Wellness, Massage Therapy

You come to Hand & Stone for an amazing massage. The environment, professionalism, and friendliness make your experience outstanding. You feel relaxed, refreshed, and soothed when you’re on the table.

You go home – and then what?

Don’t you wish you could keep those great feelings with you after you leave? Your treatment plan doesn’t have to end when you walk out our door. You can prolong the benefits of self-care.

So, how do you maintain these results and make self-care an ongoing essential part of your health and wellness plan?

Here’s why massage therapy need not end when you leave the table.


The value of self-care

Self-care has great value for you, and everyone around you.

If you get regular massages, facials or other services, you already know the value of self-care. Harvard Medical School recognizes that massages can reduce pain and physically restore you. National Institutes of Health say massages reduce stress, promote relaxation and improve moods. They nourish your soul and “recharge your battery.”

Regular self-care can help you be better at everything you do. It can help you become a more attentive and focused person. It can help you do a better job, be more productive, and foster better connections with the people around you.

When you take care of yourself, you can better take care of others. There is a reason the airlines tell you to put your oxygen mask on first before helping others, and that caregivers are often reminded that they “can’t pour from an empty cup.”


How to take good care of yourself

Self-care can and should be part of every day.

Taking care of yourself means to eat well and manage your stress. Make sure you rest, relax, and get enough sleep. Indulge in epsom salt baths and essential oil fragrances.

Don’t forget the importance of laughter, and being mindful in the present moment. Spend time in nature, and with those you love. Get the right amount of exercise. Listen to soothing music.

An effective way to de-stress at night is with a “brain dump.” This is when you write down all of the thoughts and worries flying around your head. When you let them out onto paper, your mind can relax and you can doze off into sleep.

When you wake up, do another few minutes of journaling. Write all of the things you are grateful for; all of your hopes and dreams. Start your day on a positive and uplifting note.


Consider becoming a Hand & Stone member

Your health and wellness needs are always evolving along with your situations, and we are here to help!

Did you know we offer a membership program at all our Canadian locations? You can get a monthly massage or facial, plus a 10% discount on all our products. You also earn reward points to use towards free massages or facials!

Don’t be shy, spread the love: You can bring your family and friends with you at member prices (each guest up to 4 times per year). And what a great gift option to purchase gift cards and spa packages at member rates.

Best of all, our membership program does not have a long-term commitment (it’s paid month-to-month). Plus, it’s easy to cancel with one month’s written notice. Going on vacation or can’t make it for a month or two? Easily put your payments on hold for up to six months per calendar year.

There are so many ways to take care of yourself after you leave our spa. We would love to be a part of your ongoing commitment to self-care. Your massage does not have to end when you leave our table.


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