Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage is perhaps the oldest form of hands-on healing known to humans, easily pre-dating written records.  For millennia, people from virtually every culture have used a combination of touch, heat (thermotherapy) and stones as therapeutic tools.  The three main cultures which have heavily influenced how modern-day Hot Stone Massage/Stone Therapy has evolved are the Chinese, the Native Americans and the Hawaiians and many other traditional healing arts are also said to have used stones and/or heat.

Hot stones have the double benefit of heat – penetrating deeply into the soft-tissues – and pressure, which can be used effectively in skilled hands to knead and tenderize the muscle.  If you have chronic muscle tension, a nagging old injury, suffer from elevated and prolonged stress response, or just want to try something new in your massage sessions, consider giving our signature Hot Stone therapy a try!