Healthy Eating; Healthy Skin


The common saying ‘you are what you eat’ doesn’t only apply to our bodies overall health, but what we eat really impacts how our skin appears and feels.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and can really benefit from eating a nutritious and balanced diet.   Recent research indicates that eating foods rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals may provide valuable anti-aging benefits.

Vitamins C and E rich foods contain powerful antioxidants which help to repair and reduce damage to the skin cells caused by harmful free radicals.  Vitamin B is responsible for forming a basis of the skin, hair and nails.  Vitamin A maintains and repairs the skin tissue.   Berries, kale, spinach, nuts, tomatoes, citrus and dark chocolate are great examples of foods providing tremendous nutritional benefits.

On the contrary, studies show that foods high in fats, sugars, grease and alcohol consumption have a negative effect on the skin.

A good skincare regime, product choices and healthy food consumption all equate to having healthy, beautiful and glowing skin!