Health and Wellness: Top 20 Benefits of Regular Exercise

Health and Wellness

It’s a brand new year. You might have overindulged at the Holiday food table and are feeling a little sluggish and would like to do something about it. Regular exercise is a great place to start. But there must be additional benefits to spending a little less time in front of the various entertainment devices lying around the house and more time exercising. This may seem at first to be a lot of work but here is a list of more reasons to get out there and more active. All for a better YOU.

#20 – Increase metabolic rate
#19 – Burns extra calories
#18 – Improves endurance – both physical and mental
#17 – Makes you limber
#16 – Enables weight loss and helps keeps it off
#15 – Provides more muscular definition
#14 – Tones and firms muscles
#13 – Enhances coordination and balance
#12 – Adds sparkle and radiance to your complexion
#11 – Enhances the quality of sleep
#10 – Improves digestion
#9 – Decreased stress levels – we are all busy people with various stresses from home to work. Walk it off and help change your mood.
#8 – Reduced depression – Exercise increase the production of Endorphins which is your body’s “Feel Good” hormone.
#7 – Increased strength and stamina – Over a period of time exercise will make everyday things feel much easier to do.
#6 – Reduces blood pressure
#5 – Decreased risk of Osteoporosis – Exercise, including weight-bearing exercise, reduces the risk of Osteoporosis.
#4 – Decreased risk of heart attack – helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure and when, combined with some healthy eating choices, helps diminish the chances of having a heart attack
#3 – Sharper mental focus – as we age we need all the tools available to stay young and to think young. Exercise helps with focus and concentration.
#2 – Increased energy – combine exercise and nutrition for a powerful tool in increasing muscle strength and energy
#1 – Improves self esteem – it’s empowering to look in the mirror and see a difference in yourself. Regular exercise takes some discipline. The benefits will carry over into all parts of your life!

Time to Get Active!!!