Fight Back Aging – Facials

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You can’t fight your heredity, but you CAN do something about the other aging factors.

As you age, your skin gets thinner and dryer… and lines show more. Your skin starts to betray more of the cumulative effects of stress, exposure to sun/ wind/ cold /pollution, and the lines and creases from repeated facial expressions.

You lose two main elements that contribute to smooth, healthy skin and prevent sagging: collagen (makes skin appear full and plump) and elastin (which makes it tight and snap back). New healthy cells take longer to get to the top layer and the older dead cells make skin appear dull.

Can we help? YES!!
Regular anti-aging facials can remove dull, dead skin, boost collagen production and improve elasticity and hydration. Fine lines and age spots can be reduced, and skin has a smoother texture. Your anti-aging creams will actually be better absorbed. We recommend you have a facial monthly–at the very least, once each season as the weather changes.

Worried about age or sun spots? Powerful anti-aging treatments include microdermabrasion, a safe, effective treatment to remove dead skin revealing newer, vibrant skin.

Our Medical Estheticians provide effective facials that not only improve your skin, but will help you relax, refresh and rejuvenate. 

Written by:
Tanya Christie
Hand & Stone Thornhill