The Effects of Stress on Skin

The Effects of Stress on Skin
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You already know how stress affects your skin.

Stress can worsen many skin conditions. The Mayo Clinic recommends stress management as one of these five tips for healthy skin, and they note that conditions like acne, eczema, itching, hives, and even hair loss can get a lot worse in stressful times.

Medical studies are proving this. Medicine is starting to recognize the impact our emotions have on our skin. This link between our powerful minds, and our largest organ is known as the “mind-skin connection.” In fact, doctors are starting to call this new area “psychodermatology.”

For example, studies show that certain types of stress can affect the skin’s ability to heal after surgery. Also, long-term stress can affect the skin’s ability to keep water in, and keep harmful substances out. This reduces our skin’s ability to be a good barrier. And this can contribute to many unwanted skin conditions.


How stress affects your skin

You know that stress affects your whole body, including your skin. And here’s how:

Your natural stress reactions help you survive. When you’re stressed your brain is more alert, your heart gets pumping, and your muscles prepare for “fight or flight.”

Stress has these far-reaching effects because of its influence on your nervous system, immune system, and hormones. And it’s these nervous, immune, and hormonal effects that affect your skin.

These can result in skin inflammation which can cause or worsen many conditions. For example, the stress hormone cortisol can increase your skin’s oil production triggering acne.

While, studies show that stress can make your skin worse, the good news is that that reducing stress can help your skin get better.

One study looked at children who had skin conditions. After massage therapy, both their mood and skin conditions improved!


Reducing stress

There are many ways to manage stress.

You can scale back your “to-do” list and prioritize time for things you enjoy. You can meditate or do gentle fitness like yoga or tai chi. Maybe deep breathing or visualization is for you.

Our favourite ways to de-stress are with spa treatments. Like massages, for example. But don’t even take our word for it. Massage is known to be an effective stress-buster.

Picture yourself in a comforting and inviting atmosphere, relaxing with a therapeutic massage. A registered massage therapist can customize techniques to soothe and recharge you.

Your stress will melt away, along with some of its negative effects on your body, mind and skin. And if your skin is still feeling or showing the strain, even after a relaxing massage, our facials can help improve your skin’s condition – like exercise for your skin.


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