Massage Therapy Complements Con’t

Massage Therapy

Below please find complementary modalities to massage therapy:

Hydrotherapy is a type of alternative medicine that uses water in one shape or form to achieve pain relief, detoxification or a treatment aid.  Always remember that heat is used for chronic conditions and cold is used for acute conditions.

Hot/Cold Packs: We have all seen and used these products for bruises or strains at one time or another.  Just remember not to overuse these applications.  Both are generally used for a period of 20-40 minutes at a time.  Any longer may cause confusion to the thermo-receptors within the skin and muscles and reverse the desired response.

Spas, Steams & Saunas: These modalities can be used for relaxation and detoxification.  They can also be used in part while stretching.  The heat from a hot tub will help to allow a further stretch and making it easier and more enjoyable to do your stretching.

Hot Stone Massage: The stones are heated to 120 degrees and applied to the body in a massaging manner.  There are several different ways this treatment can be applied.  The most important thing is the hot stones are supposed to be derived from volcanic rock that is high in basalts and mercury. This makes the stones hold the heat much longer than a regular river stone.  A medium size stone should be able to hold heat for at lease two minutes.  You should be able to tell the difference as the giver or receiver if they are real stones.

Epsom Salt Bath: Epsom salt bath are well know for its use with muscle strains and aches.  It is a very easy modality to use as long as you have a bathtub at home.  All you have to do is fill the tub and mix in the Epsom salts.

For the average size bathtub when filling half way, use at least two full cups of salt.  If you are filling the tub three quarters full then put three or more cups.  I find that the more salt you apply the better the result.  You should keep it at a temperature that allows you to stay in for at least thirty minutes.  The warmer the better.


Written by:
Domenic Jason Falvo, RMT
Hand & Stone Barrie

Domenic has been practicing massage therapy for over 18 years in all types of clinic and spa environments.  Having done so he has acquired and abundance of therapeutic skill sets incorporating deep tissue massage, shiatsu, acupressure, advanced joint mobilizations, remedial exercise and hydrotherapy into the ideally seasoned massage therapy experience.  Domenic also has training in clinical acupuncture, progressive facial manipulation and reflexology that is also fused into his treatment.

Domenic prefers to focus on the cause of underlying issues rather than treating the symptoms alone, which is proven more effective in the long run for client health.  Although treating all types of acute and chronic injuries is Domenic’s main focus, he is seamlessly able to perform general relaxation massage with ease.