Communicating With Your RMT

Massage Therapy

Communicating with your RMT before,  during or after your massage appointment is important to ensure you have the best massage experience possible

It has been close to 20 years now that I have been providing the best quality care of massage therapy to my clients.  I have realized that it is not possible to make every client happy.  There will always be people who are not satisfied, no matter how much experience you have, how much effort you put in or how much extra time you give.  Sometimes it’s about compatibility and it can sometimes take a lot of time to find the right therapist for you.


I can recall several situations where I felt, WOW, that person just got the best massage.  They exit the room and tell me that the treatment was very good.  Then, when they approach reception to pay, they indicate that they weren’t really happy. This doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it is very unfortunate.


Massage Therapy is a treatment that requires clear dialogue between the therapist and the client before, during and after every treatment.  While it takes time to find a therapist that is the perfect fit for your expectations, it is important to let any therapist know if the treatment is meeting your needs.


At Hand & Stone we always want clients to feel empowered because we know some people may not feel comfortable speaking up.  Let us know if you want more heat, less heat, louder or softer music or even brighter or softer lights.  When a therapist asks if the pressure is good, it’s OK to say it’s not, this won’t hurt our feelings.  As Registered Massage Therapists we are in this profession to make people feel better.


If your treatment isn’t or didn’t go the way you want, I suggest conveying this to your therapist straightaway.  It is more than likely that the therapist will remedy the situation immediately.


Remember, excellent communication will lead to an excellent treatment.

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Written by:
Domenic Jason Falvo, RMT
Hand & Stone Barrie

Domenic has been practicing massage therapy for over 18 years in all types of clinic and spa environments.  Having done so he has acquired and abundance of therapeutic skill sets incorporating deep tissue massage, shiatsu, acupressure, advanced joint mobilizations, remedial exercise and hydrotherapy into the ideally seasoned massage therapy experience.  Domenic also has training in clinical acupuncture, progressive facial manipulation and reflexology that is also fused into his treatment.

Domenic prefers to focus on the cause of underlying issues rather than treating the symptoms alone, which is proven more effective in the long run for client health.  Although treating all types of acute and chronic injuries is Domenic’s main focus, he is seamlessly able to perform general relaxation massage with ease.