Adult Acne


It is said that almost 25% of men and 50% of woman experience adult acne during their post-adolescent years.  This seems to be a growing epidemic.  Many people experience acne type conditions into their 30’s and 40’s with breakouts not only to the face but covering the back, chest and buttocks.

The cause of acne is mainly caused from inflammation of the pores due to a combination of factors, including sebum production, oil and the accumulation of bacteria and the trapping of dead skin cells and debris.  Genetics and intrinsic factors within the body play the largest role in which one will develop acne.

Hormones are another factor to consider.  The amount of oil our body produces is also regulated hormonally.  A shift in hormone levels can result in breakouts. Comedogenic ingredients can also lead to acne.  Commonly clients are eager to purchase thick and rich cream to combat their dry skin.  Many of these creams contain comedongenic, pore clogging ingredients which can cause acne.

Patients suffering from acne report to have higher levels of stress than others.  Stress and anxiety can cause breakouts.

As we age our skin barrier will weaken, causing a loss of moisture and an increased number of irritants can enter the skin.  Many conditions such as rosacea can appear to be acne and be misdiagnosed.  It is important to see a dermatologist to be correctly diagnosed.   Speak to your Skin Therapist from Hand & Stone for some therapeutic cleansing regimens.