Achieve that Beautiful Fresh Glow

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facialSpringtime is the perfect time of year to treat your skin to achieve that beautiful fresh glow that you want to reveal during the spring/summer months. During the winter months our skin builds up a layer of dry, dead skin cells that are in need of rejuvenation, exfoliation and intense hydration. These dead skin cells slow down circulation, the skins renewal process, cause premature aging and accumulate in the pores. Spring is the perfect time to have an exfoliation treatment to remove the dead skin cells, sebum and to jump start your skins cellular regeneration process. Not only will your skin look healthy and regenerated, your professional skincare products will penetrate deeper to achieve the maximum results.

During a professional skincare treatment our Certified Skin Therapist will start by carefully analyzing your skin and depending on your skin type or condition they will recommend the most suitable treatment to achieve maximum results. Either a Chemical or Mechanical exfoliation treatment should be considered and be completed in a treatment series for internal balance of the cells, regeneration and optimal outcome.

At Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa, our facials consist of a full European style treatment that includes a relaxing décolleté and face massage which will allow you to de-stress, unwind and stimulate collagen production. We provide professional exfoliation treatment options. Our product lines, Dermalogica, Yon-Ka and RVB Skin Lab are professional, reputable and results-oriented.

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