4 Things to Look for in an Eye Cream or Serum

4 Things to Look for in an Eye Cream or Serum
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The beauty world is strongly divided on eye creams and serums. Fans say it’s a must for keeping wrinkles at bay. Critics say it’s a marketing trick that creates a need for tiny and expensive jars of moisturizer.

A case could be made for either side of this argument. But practically speaking, it doesn’t matter who’s right and who’s wrong—as long as you take care of the fragile skin around your eyes. We want to help you do that—with or without specialized eye creams.

3 reasons to moisturize around your eyes with your regular moisturizer or eye cream: 

  1. Protect delicate skin – The skin around your eyes is thin and can become crepey without regular moisturization.
  2. Plump up fine lines – Keeping your skin well-moisturized reduces the appearance of fine lines.
  3. Reduce eye bags – Using a moisturizer that contains a collagen-enhancing active ingredient like retinol is the best non-lifestyle approach to shrinking your eye bags.

The skin around your eyes can dry out over the course of the day, so keep it hydrated with another application of moisturizer, or use a facial spritzer. For maximum convenience, stash a moisturizing stick in the same places you stockpile lip balm—your purse, car and desk drawer.

If you’d like to add a specialized eye cream or serum to your beauty routine, go for it! You can use our simple guidelines to help you choose the eye cream that’s right for you.

4 things to look for in an eye cream or serum:

  1. Active ingredients – Eye creams work because of what’s in them—just like regular moisturizers. Look for active ingredients like retinol, neuropeptides and vitamin C to boost collagen production, and hyaluronic acid and ceramides for hydration.
  2. The right consistency – Liquids and gels (also called serums) feel light and are absorbed quickly which makes them a good daytime option. Thicker creams may be better for nighttime or on light makeup days.
  3. Sun protection – If your regular face cream includes SPF, choose an eye cream with a matching SPF to ensure complete sun protection.
  4. Sensitivity rating – If you have sensitive skin, look for a non-allergenic eye cream, specially designed for sensitive skin. If your new cream leads to redness, bumps or stinging, stop using it.

Whatever you choose for the delicate skin around your eyes—designer eye serum, your daily moisturizer, or a dab of Vaseline—apply it gently, don’t rub it in too hard, and keep it a safe distance from your eyeballs.

Knowing when it’s time to add or subtract steps in your skin care routine isn’t always easy but you don’t have to figure it out alone.

We’re here to help you look and feel your best—with or without specialized eye creams! If you’d like to get some professional advice about your skin care routine while enjoying the spa experience, give us a call to book a rejuvenating facial and a Swedish massage.

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