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Specializes in Dermalogica Clear Start 

a ground breaking skin care for Young, Bold, & Beautiful Skin

Get ready to glow because we have introduced Dermalogica’s Clear Start treatments, that are available exclusively at 

Hand & Stone! ✨

We are excited to introduce you to our Dermalogica Clear Start: Prevent & Glow skin treatments, designed to clear, fade, and even prevent future breakouts. These services are offered for the face & back in both 30 minute & 50 minute appointments, allowing you to clear your skin & not your schedule!
Meet the Dermalogica Clear Start: Prevent & Glow treatment:
Rapid skin clearing: Powerful actives work to unclog pores and quickly treat breakouts.
Skin brightening: Brightens and evens skin tone by lifting dull, discolored cells to leave skin more radiant.
Prevents future breakouts: Clears dead skin cells and controls oil production to prevent future breakouts.
Ready to clear, fade, & prevent future breakouts? Head to Hand & Stone for some self-care & skincare with our expert estheticians to get a fresh start and a fresh face!